I Am A Story Teller …

We are all storytellers.  Man has told stories for as long as we know … passing them from generation to generation by voice, recording them on cave walls, in art, in print and now, digitally on computers,  DVDs, and the internet.

We learn about ourselves through these stories.  Imagine what your child can learn from their family’s history?  Imagine what your customers and employees can learn from your business’ stories?  Imagine what lessons may be reinforced through these stories at home, work and school?  Question is, how best to tell the stories?

Have you ever watched a child watch TV?  Immersion; total and complete immersion.  Great movies take us all to different times and places.  The REALLY great ones not only entertain us but they educate us about ourselves and our history.  They make us think, and feel, and in doing so create magic.  Think about it:  an image (whether digital or film) is combined with a sound to create IDEAS and FEELINGS in us!  Pure magic!

At Avalon Video Productions, we help you to tell your stories using digital images and sound in a way that will entertain and educate.

If you are interested in telling YOUR story – for your school, your business or your family, contact us.  We can help.